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Leavenworth, KS  66048 




Let us help you create a unique and memorable event adding to your ongoing life story.  We can assist you with catering, decorating, local lodging and transportation for guests and much more.  Just ask and we will do our best to find the right solution to your need or desire.  Personal Services begin at $75 per hour and up.

Clubhouse Area includes space of clubhouse and kitchen, outdoor furniture, access to canoes, firewood for outdoor use.  Tables and chairs are not included but can be arranged.  See Individual Services below.


THREE DAY (Friday – Sunday)  $4200

TWO DAY (Saturday – Sunday )


Weekend Day Rate

Weekday Rates (April – November)

Weekday Use (8:00 a.m. – 8 p.m)

Weekday  ½ Day (4 hours or less)

Early drop off and pickup is $200 per day. Coordinated facility times are $100 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Holidays and holiday weekends are an additional $500

Renter is responsible for clean up after events.  This includes emptying trash, taking trash to dumpsters, taking recyclables to recycle dumpster, sweeping floors and washing dishes.  If for some reason the clubhouse is not cleaned the following charges will apply.


A deposit is required with each registration date(s) that is equal to or exceeding one-third of the total expected rental fee, plus cleaning deposit. The deposit is fully refundable 120 days before the event, 50% refundable before 60 days of the event and non-refundable within 60 days of scheduled event. 

The date will not be reserved until the deposit and all required paperwork is received.  The cleaning deposit will be returned after final inspection, usually within 1 week from the end of the event.

Basic rental fees include cost of normal staffing, utilities and maintenance.  Rental Agreements are considered an estimate of costs.  If the Property Manager determines additional costs due to clean up, trash pickup, damages or other circumstances, these costs will be billed directly.

A pre-event and post-event walk through is required for both renter and property management.  This inspection will include status of property, buildings, equipment and other such property as owned by Wolff Real Estate and Streetwise Cuisine Catering. 

The clubhouse is a non-smoking area.  All cigarette butts must be placed in receptacles for this purpose or be field stripped.

Decorations must be attached with masking putty.  Do not use nails, tacks, staples or cellophane tape.  Be sure to tell everyone that will be decorating these conditions.

Trash should be bagged in large heavy-duty plastic bags and placed in the dumpster by the kiosk.  We recycle and there is a recycle dumpster by the kiosk.  Recycle includes plastic, cardboard and aluminum.  It does not include glass.

You and your guest or participants must adhere to all Federal, Leavenworth County and State of Kansas laws.  If you choose to serve alcohol, you do not need a liquor license, however, if you wish to have a “cash” bar, then a license application is available HERE .  
This must be filed and approved 14 days prior to the event. 

In the event you need to call 911 during the event, notify the Property Manager immediately.

Vehicles must park only in designated areas.  Please help us preserve this beautiful, precious land.

No littering, including cigarette butts, anywhere on the property or around the Clubhouse or Deck areas.  Please pick up trash and deposit in the appropriate container.


Small Group With Tents Camping (Does Not Include Clubhouse Facilities)

Area Reservation Fee: $200

Per Person Day/Night Rate:   $15

RV Impact Fee:           $35/Unit


Equipment Rental

Round Tables $15.00 (6-8 per table)

Simple Folding Chairs $3.00/chair

Handmade cedar plank canoe $125.00

Delivery Coordination -  $200/hour 
meeting vendors such as flowers, caterer, and equipment delivery not arranged by Eighty Acres, etc.    

Chair Repack fee:  $100    
Chairs must be returned to plastic sleeves and cardboard boxes, as received.  


$200 Cleaning & Trash will be retained. 

Trash Fee
1-10 Bags $50
11-20 Bags $90    

Required Deposit:

1/3 of Total Event Rental, plus Cleaning & Trash deposit is due to reserve your date and the cleaning deposit will be returned approximately 1 week after the event. Deposits are fully refundable 120 days before the event, 50% refundable before 60 days of the event and non-refundable within 60 days of scheduled event. The event must be paid in FULL, 3 weeks prior to the event or the event is cancelled. If the deposit check does not clear the bank, the reservation is cancelled until the deposit is paid using cash or money order. Additionally, if the deposit check bounces, the total rental fee is due in cash or money order 3 weeks prior to the event.

Payment in Full is required two weeks prior to event. 

Date last payment is due:      

Contact for last payment:      

Catering Services are available through Streetwise Cuisine.  Contact Property Manager for more information.


In addition to general terms and conditions of rental above the following apply:

You are responsible for registering your guests on site. If participants arrive early for an event they must have a reservation and pay the camping fee of $15 per person upon arrival in cash.

You are responsible for the safety of your event, your guests and of the property.  You must supply adequate staff and register this staff with the Property Manager prior to the event.  You are required to provide first aid should one of your participants need medical attention.  If you call 911, contact the Property Manager immediately.

Fire safety is a must. Please use fire rings for wood fires. Do not cut any live wood.  Use only downed dry wood.


Client hereby acknowledges that Client has been informed of, understands and is fully aware that participation in activities at the Facilities is a potentially hazardous activity.  Client further acknowledges that (a) Client has been informed of, understands and is fully aware that outdoor activities involve a risk of injury, including the risk of death or serious disability, and (b) Client is bringing and allowing individuals to participate in activities at the Facilities with full knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the dangers involved.  Client expressly assumes the responsibility of informing all persons who will participate in such activities at the Facilities that they do so at their own risk and that, if any injury occurs to a person using the Facilities, Wolff Real Estate, its owners or contractors shall not be held liable for any such injuries and/or resulting damages and, further, Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Wolff Real Estate, its owners or contractors in the event they are held liable for any injuries and/or resulting damages. 

The risks discussed above include, but are not limited to:

risks associated with outdoor physical activities (such as walking or running on uneven ground) including slips and falls, bruises, sprains, lacerations, fractures and concussions;

contact with plants, animals, snakes or insects that could cause stings, bites, allergies or disease;

exposure to fire or heat from natural or manmade causes that could cause burns, dehydration and fainting;

exposure to cold, wet weather, and to other unpredictable forces of nature;

exposure to the conduct of other participants;

damage to property owned by a participant;

the failure or malfunction of equipment;

inherent risks associated with being in a remote location, distant from medical facilities, where evacuation and medical care could be delayed; and

risks associated with traveling by land or air to and from the site of emergency medical care.

Client understands that this list is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in property lost, serious injury, illness or death.  Client assumes the risk of all dangerous conditions in and around the Facilities and waives any and all notice of the existence of such conditions.